Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket.

Harlow C.C. is totally committed to the development of youth cricket, at the Club, West Essex & County level.

The Club has an excellent youth coaching programme which encourages young players to learn & practice the specific skills required for the game in a fun but structured way. Cricket for the Colts is split into four specific age groups, under 16’s, 15’s,13’s & 11’s, with further divisions based on ability at the under 11’s age group.

Harlow C.C. is one of only a handful of Essex clubs to achieve the ECB’s Clubmark award. The award  signifies  that the club has met strict criteria in the way it is run & in the excellence of it’s youth coaching

The Club accepts youngsters aged six to sixteen into it’s Colts membership, & the cost for an entire season is just £20.00.

Coaching is held on the following evenings;

Under 16’s & 15’s     Tuesday evenings       6.30pm—8.00pm                     Under 11’s & 13’s      Thursday evenings 6.30pm—8.00pm

What to wear?

Under 11’s: Practice— Casual clothes & trainers. Matches– Cricket or white trousers, a cricket shirt or white T-shirt, trainers (mainly white) or cricket boots.

Under 13’s, 15’s & 16’s: Practice—Casual clothes & trainers. Matches– Cricket whites & cricket boots (at least half spiked).

Footwear; we are often asked if a Colt requires cricket boots for matches, our answer is always the same—Would you allow your youngster to play a football match in trainers? To play either game properly you need the right equipment!


Harlow Cricket Club takes the safety of it’s Colts very seriously indeed. In hardball cricket, no player will be allowed to bat or keep wicket unless they are wearing a box protector—which they should supply themselves.

In addition no player will bat or keep wicket (standing close to the stumps) unless they are wearing a helmet as well as the appropriate, pads & gloves. The club will provide Helmets, pads & gloves for Colts use.

Extracts from the Club’s Youth Policy (which is on display at the Pavilion).

Aims: To provide coaching & encouragement to anyone, regardless of colour, sex or religion between the ages of six &

sixteen who wishes to develop their skills & represent Harlow Cricket Club.


1.                The game is to be enjoyed, this enjoyment is improved by winning & that is always our aim, but winning is not the  be all & end all of the game.

2.                Selection throughout all areas of the club is based on ability.

3.                If you are good enough you are old enough.

4.                The club will actively , promote & encourage any Colt who, in the view of the Club’s officials has the ability to represent to Club at District, County or England youth level.

5.                Colts players & Officials are bound by the same disciplinary rules as the senior Club. These are published annually in the club’s fixture card.

6.                Any disputes will be dealt with by the Youth Cricket Co-ordinater, the Team Manager & any involved party. Any decision made is subject to appeal via the Club’s Main Committee.